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Children, Horses, and Adults in PartnerShip
For Equine Assisted Therapy
Providing Possibilities for Exceptional Equestrians
PMB 201, 1590 Sugarland Dr, Suite B, Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone No: (307) 673-6161
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Our mission is to provide the highest standard of quality equine services for people in Sheridan and Johnson Counties.
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Welcome to CHAPS!

Chaps was founded in August, 2003 and became a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization in April, 2004. Designed originally to serve children and adults with special needs with Therapeutic Riding, our program has expanded to offer Equine Assisted Activities and Equine Facilitated Learning for Veterans from the Sheridan VA Medical Center and at-Risk youth from Fort MacKenzie High School. We offer vocational rehabilitation training for the compensated work therapy program at the Sheridan VA Medical Center and the Wyoming Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, as well as community service opportunities for non-violent offenders from the Sheridan County Justice System.


* Therapeutic Riding: a traditional riding lesson in English or Western style riding that addresses goals and objectives developed in partnership with each individual participant's support team. Not only are our riders learning safe horsemanship skills, they are also developing social skills, communication skills, confidence and self esteem, overall physical fitness, balance and coordination and agility.

* Equine Facilitated Learning: an unmounted group activity that targets meeting challenges appropriately, communication and social skills, teamwork and fellowship with our therapeutic riding instructor, students or veteran cohort, and the groups mental health or educational leader, as well as members of our equine staff.

* Equine Assisted Activities: for participants who are not able to sit astride, equine assisted activities provide the opportunity to interact with horses in a variety of ways - grooming, leading, equine care, longing, ground driving, and more.

* CHAPS VETS (Veteran's Equine Therapy Services): providing therapeutic riding, equine assisted activities, vocational rehabilitation and equine facilitated learning and equine facilitated psychotherapy opportunities for US military veterans receiving in-patient service from the Sheridan VA Medical Center.

* Volunteer Opportunities: ranging from equine care to painting fences, assisting with sessions or providing office support, we offer volunteer opportunities to community members ages 16 and up. Persons interested in horse care or session assistance are required to complete a three-part volunteer training held three times each year – please check our calendar for the next training time and venue.

Executive Director - Amber Roberson